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Julia is one of the protagonists of Endlings. She is portrayed by Kamaia Fairburn.


The second stage of grieving is anger, and Julia has been stuck at this stage for a number of years. Ever since the sudden loss of her father, Julia has just been mad – mad at the world, mad at her situation, mad at her sadness. Anger can be a hard thing to let go of, especially when it gives you a ready-made excuse to push people away. Fortunately for Julia, the Leopold household is not easily pushed. Julia is about to go from no family to more family than she can handle, but in the process, she'll discover how to transform her anger at the world to anger for the world.


Before she was an orphan her father took her fishing at the lake. But one day her father suddenly had stomach cancer while fishing with Julia and died, his body had fallen into the lake.

Physical appearance

Julia is as we know is african-american based on appereance, but could aslo be mixed since we didnt get to see her mother. She has brown curly hair, her hair tips being a little more light brown. Her eyes and eyebrows are also brown.


Her personality is different around certain people. Around enemies, like Hewes, she can be very mad, stubborn and annoyed. When shes with people she really likes being around, for example her foster family (which she most of the time is with) she acts more pleased, honest, happy and relaxed. She is outgoing and fun to be with. But her traumatizing past can mix and play with her feelings towards other people, and make her bash out more on people, but she tries to control it even if its not that easy for her. In short, she is a person with a good heart, even if it doesnt always seem like it to other people sometimes.

Episode appearances


  • In The End Is the Beginning Part 1 Julia been run away from six foster homes in two years, meaning her father died the year 2038.
  • Julia is only one who's parents have died.



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